Theatrical and architectural lighting can be a simple utility of a building, or they can engage an audience, evoke emotions, and amplify your message. This is not only true for a stage, but also for building exteriors, lobbies, hallways, and any public space. Color is documented to significantly impact one's emotions and feelings. The use of color in lighting enables you to acutely set the mood and convey the emotions you want people to feel.

Ridge AV designs and installs theatrical-grade lighting systems. We provide all support documentation and drawings needed by electrical contractors to power lighting systems. We are also experienced in tying theatrical and architectural lighting together for unified control of all lighting via control consoles, touch screens, keypads, phones, and computers.

Modern venues that utilize cameras involve three types of lighting:

  • Theatrical lighting (stage washes, color, and effects)
  • Architectural lighting (house lights, decorative, access, and exit)
  • Television lighting (also on stage but configured for cameras)


Most lighting vendors specialize in just one of these types. But each has a unique purpose that must play well with the others.

Ridge AV is experienced in integrating all three types into a seamless system. We ensure accurate color temperatures, coverage, and white balances that guarantee the colors seen in person are the same for the viewer at home. We provide the distribution needed for a creative and flexible space.

And when it comes to controlling your lighting system, we can provide a wide variety of options, from lighting consoles and touch screens to keypads and unattended scheduling.